Rieker shoes, sandals & boots for men & women have anti-stress properties that have proven to reduce stress on the feet. Shop the full range of Rieker below.

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Rieker provide footwear for men and women in Standard, Wide, and an Extra Wide Fit. They formed in 1874 in Southern Germany, and made a name for themselves by crafting shoes for the affluent citizens of Northern Italy. The family owned company spans back 5 generations, so they definitely know a thing or two about shoes by now.  As the years have passed, Rieker have spread across the world with an eye for high class fashion at an affordable price. Rieker focuses on designing shoes to eliminate stress, not only on the feet, but also on joints and the back too.

 With their fashionable yet practical designs, Rieker have created sandals, shoes and boots that are designed with comfort AND style in mind, without the wearer having to sacrifice one for the other. They pride themselves in producing quality footwear that is unique. After trying a pair it will become clear that their shoes are so much more than just a fashionable product. Each and every one of their shoes incorporate their four special main features.  Rieker shoes are of minimum weight and maximum flexibility, allowing your feet to move more naturally throughout the day. They have optimum shock absorbing qualities, protecting your muscles and bones from feeling the impact of walking quite so much, by spreading pressure over the entire surface of the sole. All Rieker shoes are made leaving space for your feet to expand throughout the day, meaning that they are great for wearing for long periods of time.  They are made with a roomier design and with more space at the front of the shoe, so that your toes do not feel cramped, but have space to move around, while still fitting your feet correctly. The shoes are carefully hand stitched to ensure the best possible fit.  Many of their shoes are made from real leather, and really take advantage of the latest fashions, materials and techniques. Their products are designed paying close attention to the shape of the foot, and to mimic the experience of actually walking barefoot. This means that Rieker shoes still allow the foot to move and bend naturally, and the bones and muscles in the foot to work the way that they were designed to.

Rieker aim to produce footwear that not only looks good, but enhances the lifestyle of the wearer too, by responding to current trends with quality products that still help them to feel comfortable in everyday life. Their quality shoes and boots bring the best that a century and a half of experience can provide.