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Polo Ralph Lauren truly needs no introduction - it is a brand whose legacy has become firmly imprinted in high fashion, remaining regal as ever. 

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Polo Ralph Lauren has become the brand on the tip of everyone’s tongues, owing to its long-established position as an American cultural icon. From selling ties out of a drawer in the Empire States Building in 1967, to drowning America in a deluge of Polo apparel that still could not satisfy the astronomical demand for such esteemed products, Ralph Lauren has adeptly mirrored an elite lifestyle that seemed unattainable for most.

The allure of the Polo Ralph Lauren brand is down to its lasting impact on the fashion world, being revered as a bastion of luxury, and a global leader of fashion.  A focus on timeless design, impeccable quality, and the utmost attention-to-detail has been the cornerstone of the brand’s success.


Our House Of Slippers collection of Polo Ralph Lauren slippers will satiate the need for luxury, like with the regal Polo Ralph Lauren SUMMIT SCUFF, which comes with a high-quality cotton lining for sublime on-foot smoothness, and an ultra-spongey but firm footbed to gracefully absorb each footstep.


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