Camper was founded in 1975 and is a brand that is constantly pushing the limits of fashion. It first started in Mallorca, Spain, but has since become popular around the globe and is now available in over 40 countries. It was established by Lorenzo Fluxa because he believed that there was a gap in the market for a fresh style of footwear. You are sure to recognise Camper’s unique, quirky and eccentric designs straight away, and it is this individual style to which it owes its success. Camper is a family run business which draws upon a rich, long-standing shoemaking heritage that dates back to 1877. It is this skilled craftsmanship which ensures that all of the brand’s designs are flawless and hardwearing. In 2018, all of the shoes and slippers are still crated in Mallorca but it is now in its fourth generation. To find out for yourself why you need a pair of Camper slippers this season, check out our men’s and women’s range today.

 From day one Camper focused on the word ‘casual’, and the brand aimed to create relaxed yet stylish shoes that sat between the realms of trainers and formal shoes. It is safe to say they have succeeded in doing this. All of their products capture the essence of both formal and casual styles in an effortless, sleek way. Somehow this combination works incredibly well, and after their success, they branched out into the slipper market too. Here at House of Slippers, we are proud to present their newest slipper collection. Camper’s minimalistic designs are simple yet effective, and their premium materials ensure that your feet will be warm and comfortable no matter what the weather. One of their most popular slippers is the Wabi, which is inspired by Japanese minimalism and is eco-friendly too. We’ve got a wide range of vibrant colours and you can shop them here.

Our featured style this season is the Camper Wabi mule slipper. These have wool blend uppers that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so you can wear them throughout the year. Inside, a wool-lined footbed is removable depending on the fit you want to maximise comfort. We've picked the Navy as our favourite, but we've also got these in Rust/Copper, Medium Blue, Grey, and Blue to name a few.