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Rest your feet in one of our beautifully designed slippers that offer the greatest comfort experience. With styles such as boot slippers, novelties, moccasins, and touch-fastening, these distinctive slippers come in a range of fabrics and detailing. Shop your best-loved model at House of Slippers and feel the weight off your shoulders. 

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The slipper has been around for centuries. It became an inseparable part of every culture around the globe, and it still is. Today, we have more refined and vast models of slippers whose intention is still the same: to offer the ideal comfort to the wearer. Whether you are a fan of the leather slippers or the fun novelty, here at House of Slippers we offer a wide array of all the top-quality and fashion-forward models.

Designed with care and made by all the finest fabrics and materials, our slippers present durability, flexibility and comfort. Remarkable and well-acclaimed, each model offers the wearer a luxurious feel, sophisticated touch, and unforgettable experience. Nothing is more relaxing than coming home to a comfy, cosy, and warm pair of lightweight slippers. There's no place like home and there's no finer pair of slippers than ours, available at a reasonable prize.

Browse through our vast collection of designer brands like Padders, Nordikas, Dunlop, and others. Indulge your feet with our remedial, orthopaedic, and fashionable models that can be styled with anything. Days will never be the same … they'll be way better. Treat yourself and treat your dearest ones by ordering today at House of Slippers.