Which Slippers Are For You?

With a whole range of slippers out there to choose from, how do you know which ones are the perfect one’s for you? From mules to full slippers and faux fur lining to no lining, with so many variations it can get incredibly confusing very quickly. 

Luxury Lovers

If you’re a person who enjoys the finer things in life then maybe a pair of luxury leather slippers would be for you. Even though you may think that with leather slippers, they may not be as comfortable as other, less flexible etc., this is untrue. You can still have a pair of fabulous luxury leather slippers whilst being in insane comfort. Within the leather slipper collection, we have to break it down a bit more. Are you a person who loves to feel spacious and not too tight? How about a mule; with an open back, you can move your feet as you wish and not feel restricted. On the other hand, you could be someone of the complete opposite; someone who loves to be cosy and snug without a care for the movement of feet. In that case, a full slipper would be highly suited and maybe even one with a faux fur lining for that extra bit of cosiness and warmth. 


Here at house of slippers, we have a range of leather slippers in many different styles from the height of luxury, the Nordikas 663 in a full slipper style featuring cosy lining, to a more subtle leather slippers like the Sleepers DWIGHT in a mule style. With many more to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect leather slippers for you. 


Now what if you aren’t all about luxury? What if you just want to indulge in the most amount of comfort possible? Well if that sounds like the any type of slipper with cosy lining, tight to your feet keeping them warmth and snug all night long sound like the right kind of slippers to me. Preferably, a full slipper or maybe even one better, a boot. A boot is the perfect kind of slipper for someone all about comfort because it has the ability to cover even more of your feet and ankle than any other style.


You can get all different kinds of boots from ones up to mid-calf length to ones just above the ankle and with all different kinds of fastening too from Velcro to pull on. In order to really fasten up and get cosy, a Velcro fastening slipper would be the right idea. With soft fleece lining and a large touch fastening strap right across the upper, the SILENT slippers by Padders is definitely the slipper for the comfort lovers. Maybe you prefer a pull on; the Sleepers CLARA style comes just above the ankle and has fluffy fleece lining keeping you cosy and snug. 

Mule Mad

If you’re more of an on-the-go person who slips into the nearest and easiest thing they can find then why not make it a mule. A simple style yet still with the ability to be warm and cosy, roomy, flexible, durable, and whole long list of other pros.


The range of mules we do here at House of Slippers is endless and there so many to choose from but the easiest thing to choose a mule for is both the footbed; you want a comfy one, possibly with memory foam or thick cushioning, and also the design; the easiest way to pick slippers is simply by purchasing the ones you like the look of best. 

All the types of slippers in the world haven’t been covered, I know, but this can be a start to you figuring out what kind of slipper is for you.