TOMS was founded by Chief Shoe Giver Blake Mycoskie in 2006. After visiting Argentina and befriending children there, he soon found that many of them did not own any shoes to protect their feet. As a result, TOMS was founded based on the idea that people’s lives could be improved through business.

Under their One For One promise, the brand gives one pair of shoes to those in need for every pair of TOMS sold. They provide different types of shoes to cater for different weather conditions and seasons around the world. Through this, they have also created many jobs for locals, as they have established factories and manufacturing lines in the countries where they give to produce those shoes. It is a for-profit business and therefore it is not reliant on donations to help others and is highly sustainable.

TOMS have started a global movement and, since its founding, the company has donated over 75 million pairs of shoes to people in over 70 different countries including China, Honduras and India. The shoes are distributed through humanitarian organisations which ensures that all the shoes donated go directly to the people who need it the most.

The TOMS One For One promise is now applied to other important necessities too, which we often take for granted. The brand have also extended it to eyecare and since 2011 they have restored sight to over 400,000 people, which is a massive achievement. They have done this through donating prescription glasses and establishing sustainable eye care programmes, which provide basic eye training to local health volunteers and teachers.

TOMS’ aid does not end there though. TOMS have also established coffee products under the name TOMS Roasting Co. By teaming up with organisations like Water For People, for every one of these coffee products sold TOMS provide safe and clean water to a person in need. Since 2014 they have provided 335,000 weeks of safe water to people, which is another incredible achievement.

Yet TOMS still felt they could do more. In 2015 they expanded again, and established TOMS Bag Collection. TOMS Bag Collection provides training for skilled birth attendants and provides women with birthing kits to help deliver their babies safely. Just one year later, in 2016, TOMS had already helped to provide birthing aid and services to over 25,000 mothers.  

All of the endeavours that TOMS have carried out have been sustainable, reliable and have helped millions of people. You can do your bit today by purchasing a pair of TOMS slippers. Not only will you be benefitting from their great products and helping others, but you will also be helping the environment too, as TOMS’ products are environmentally friendly. All of their shoe boxes are made from 80% recycled post-consumer waste, and they are printed with soy ink. Soy ink is made from soy beans which are better for the environment and can also be recycled more easily.

TOMS have single-handedly demonstrated the power we have to help others, and how we can improve the lives of millions of people through purchasing products. When buying TOMS slippers your money significantly helps those in need and you are investing in someone else's life. They are also extremely comfortable and look great, so shop Men's, Women's and Kids TOMS slippers at House Of Slippers and make a difference today.