Ted Baker


With Ted Baker, the mission has always been to create luxury products that exceed expectations of what a certain piece of clothing item should look and feel like. Crafting a long line of well-made shoes that have formed new trends, Ted Baker has quickly become a fashion powerhouse, releasing consistent collections that are unrivalled when it comes to the trademark Ted Baker style and comfort.


In fact, they are one of the few esteemed brands that have reached international designer label status, with no advertising campaigns – none! Ted Baker renew their collections constantly to make sure they provide their customers with the must up-to-date fashion. They are also known very well by their quirkiness and cohesive manner which is why the brand is so popular.

The brand is never lazy when it comes to their collections, going out of the way to create novelty designs, like the Ted Baker BHAYBE ladies velvet moccasin slippers that feature a premium-looking satin bow-detailing. Also consider their Ladies BHUNNI full slippers, that have incorporated a cute bunny face and tail with luxuriously soft uppers making them a delight to show-off to your friends.


The men’s AYNTIN mule slipper has the utmost detail with a classy rough tartan and an indulgent faux fur lining with contrasting soles. This is a highly sought-after piece that we have added to our collection.


Quintessentially British: Ted Baker.