The Olympics Are Coming, Are You Prepared?

It’s one day away from the biggest sporting event of the year and the excitement is high. With events from 100m to the triathlon, there's an event to suit everyone's sport preference, even if you don't enjoy the taking part. I know exactly how I’ll be celebrating the Olympics this year and i can tell you that it definitely won’t be by taking part. I will be cosied up on my sofa with a bowl of popcorn and my favourite snug slippers. This is the way I feel as though I can fully enjoy the Olympics, and if you're anything like me then you're running out of time to find your perfect pair of slippers to accompany you in these 16 days of fun and games, but do not fear... House of Slippers is here! We have you sorted with exactly what you need to fully enjoy this years Olympics from the comfort of your own home(sofa really).



In name of the four time gold medallist, Ben Ainslie, why not treat yourself to our very own BEN slippers. With a genuine leather upper, even if you do decide to do a bit of sport yourself, they will allow your feet to breathe keeping them healthy and not stuffy. Slip easily into them and instantaneously be so pleased you chose to stay at home in your own comforts and watch the Olympics on the big screen rather than get a long flight over and possibly forget slippers! Even though we both know it would most likely be very fun to go over to a nice, hot, beautiful city whilst admiring our strong, courageous athletes after all the hard work they have put in just to be there, we all know that nothing can beat after a long day’s work to come home, put the kettle on, slip into your comfy clothes and luxurious slippers, put your feet up by the fire and indulge in a world full of sport and games. 



On the other hand, dedicated to the man who has won the most gold medals out of any other British athlete, Chris Hoy could be the one for you to watch this year and what better way to do it than curled up in your very own pair of CHRIS slippers. Instead of using your energy to cycle, let him do the hard work while you passionately cheer him on from your sofa in a world of pure comfort. We both know that's the right decision to make. Even when you have to jump up in excitement because Hoy is one lap away from being a seven time gold medallist, you can do so in comfort like you're jumping on clouds; that's the right way to do it. 

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