Known for their comfort, luxury and individual style, Nordikas will never let you down. From their high-quality materials to their innovative Spanish design, everything about these slippers is great. Slip into a pair of Nordikas today to experience undeniable comfort. With a whole range of designs, materials and colours to choose from, Nordikas have developed range which really does have something for everyone. From the classic mule slip on to a slim profile full slippers, you are guaranteed to find something you will love. Here at House of Slippers, we've got a fantastic selection of men's and women's styles, so have a look at them today.

All made in Spain using only the finest quality materials, Nordikas is a brand which prides itself in delivering excellence with every pair of slippers. The brand takes a daring twist on traditional slippers creating something individual and innovative, which serves the ultimate purpose of home footwear; comfort. From the luxurious linings to the genuine leather uppers, every aspect of the slippers is taken into consideration to deliver only the best in luxury and comfort.

Nordikas are constantly introducing fresh styles each season, never failing to impress not only the loyal customer, but also the new ones too. Using naturally dyed leather uppers, their slippers allow for full breathability. They are finished with lightweight, non-slip soles which make sure that you will stay steady on your feet whatever you are doing. 

Nordikas have their own technology that some could only dream of. For example, their Nordishock, Nordiflex and Poron 4000 technology all work together to give your feet a comfort experience like no other. They provide flexibility and shock absorption in each and every sole. Find your perfect pair here at House of Slippers today.