As the original indoor shoe brand, you will not be disappointed with the comfort and the warmth of Homeys indoor slippers. At House Of Slippers we aim to provide the best products for our customers and Homeys is at the top of our list. Dedicated to promoting relaxation, Homeys encourage hard workers who spend all day on their feet to use their slippers as a resting point. Giving you the feel of intense comfort and warmth your feet deserve. Shop our range today and never look back.

Homeys have rightfully gained a reputation for providing cosy slippers for every occasion. Their warm fleecy linings will keep your feet warm and toasty on cold nights, while the striking patterns on the uppers will make sure your feet look great too. The brand's bold and iconic style shines through with every pair. We've got a wide selection for men and women, so find your favourite pair today.

We love the brand new Tommy men's camo slippers, which are quirky and comfy. For women, we'd recommend the gorgeous Martha full slippers. These have a striking Grey/Cream Nordic print on them, so your feet will look as good as they feel! You can wear your Homeys slippers outdoors too thanks to their TPR soles which makes them practical as well as stylish.