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Slip your feet into a world of luxury, comfort and timeless style with any of the stunning Chaleur collection. Whether its composed of supple leather or soft velvet, each and every pair of slippers have been handcrafted in the heart of Italy, ensuring nothing but the quality of the highest standards. Treat your feet to a classic yet cosy accompaniment, taking them from the stresses of a long day to the calm of a quiet night.


Having a range of different slippers to choose from, each pair of slippers have gone through thorough testing and development to ensure only the finest pairs make it to you. From the depth of the cushioning to the contrasting lining, every little detail is taken into consideration.

Taking its inspiration from the more classic and traditional styles of slippers, Chaleur has successfully taken these 1970's looks and brought them up to date with modern design techniques, finishes and materials to ensure each pair is of the highest quality.

Browse our selection of Italian-made Chaleur slippers today, and find the perfect pair. From mules to full slippers, textile to leather, we have a full range of options. Take your pick from simple designs to more adventurous floral patterns, each one has been carefully handcrafted to ensure excellence in every pair.