Padders; A household name, known to many as a staple for comfort and luxuriousness when around the house.

A trusted brand by many, you can rely on a pair of Padders slippers to keep you comfortable and cosy all night long.

Padders have been developing their brand since 1914 to get it where it is today; a household name which is known purely for the comfort in every pair and the trust you can put in the brand. From the technology that goes into every pair, to the high-quality materials used, it's not hard to see why so many people choose Padders.

Standard fittings, wideextra wide and super wide fittings show the true dedication from Padders to deliver on every single person's individual needs even going as far as to have a dual fitting so that the slippers have a roomier fit or are able to take on other, personalised orthotics. 

From genuine high-quality leathers to soles which are perfect for keeping feet steady on the ground, every aspect of the design is taken into consideration when creating a pair of Padders slippers.

A rainbow of colours and patterns from ensures that there is plenty to choose from whether it be a plain style or one with intricate designs covering the upper.