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Check out our range of own House of Slippers novelty range, GuinnessShuperb and The Simpsons for the perfect pair of slippers for you

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  • IURY Mens Novelty Slippers Black/White
  • IURY Mens Novelty Slippers Black/Red
  • IURY Mens Novelty Slippers Black And Blue

Mens Novelty Slippers

Browse through our selection of men's novelty slippers that are warm, charming and unique, made to bring out fun and laughter to every home. We have a selection of men's novelty slippers that come in various funny and unique shapes such as animals, objects and cartoon characters such as Homer Simpson.    

These comfy slippers for around the house come in a wide array of fluffy fun styles that will never go out of style. Check out our range of own House of Slippers novelty range, Guinness, Shuperb and The Simpsons for the perfect pair of slippers for you. The perfect slippers for the winter holidays with family and friends to sit back and relax after a long day at work. These top-quality novelty slippers come in all sizes with free UK deliveries and returns. The perfect gift for Christmas, why not buy a pair now?

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