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Snuggle down and get comfy with any one of the stylish and comfortable pairs of Homey's slippers. Luxury doesn't have to come at the compromise of comfort, combining unique upper designs with the softest, most cosy fleecy lining. 

House of Slippers have a range of BRAD and OSCAR mens full slippers coming in colours blue and navy/red

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HOMEYS Slippers | Men Full Slippers

Homeys.. Encourages you to be lounge and relax through the pure bliss of comfort and quality that Homeys provide. Our selection of full slippers and velcro for both Men & Women are not only slippers, they are an elite club that everyone should want to be a part of. Engrossing your feet in a world of cosy comfort created from a luxuriously soft lining that are easy to slip on with the touch fasten strap for a snug feeling.

Homeys present the BRAD Mens Full Slippers Blue that will transport your feet into a world of comfort. The soft textile lining and upper surround your feet in a world of comfort to give your feet a snug cosy feel. The touch fasten allows you alter the fitting to maximise comfort, meaning you can relax in these stunning slippers during the evening.

Not to mention, the OSCAR Mens Full Slippers Navy/Red that come in a soft textile lining and upper to create a amazingly snug and cosy fit for your feet. With the touch fastening strap, it allows you to adjust to comfort and security. These slippers feature a navy and red checkered pattern which provide a classic look loved by everyone.

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