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At House of Slippers, we understand the importance of having a comfortable pair of boot slippers that offer easy access, comfort, and warmth. Slip into one of our various models of boot slippers, available in various designs and styles. Shop today and get free delivery and returns.

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The oldest known depiction of a boot is found in a cave painting in Spain, dating from 12,000 B.C. The first boots ever were made out of untanned leather with fur on the insides. They represented ruling power and military force, and were worn by the highest-ranking officials and senators. The boots today can be found in countless forms, from ankle boots, oxford, biker, to the comfortable slipper boots. At House of Slippers, you can find the comfiest, softest and the most stylish boot slippers, all at a reasonable price.

There is no easier way to warm up your feet and stay comfortable than buying your favourite boot slipper model from our exquisite designer brands like Padders, Great British Slippers, Divaz, Dr. Keller, Mirak, Cadans, and countless more. Our top-of-the-line products are all uniquely made and distinctively designed, offering the wearer the ultimate comfort experience.

Available in all sizes and colours, you will instantly find your most-liked boot slipper model. Indulge your feet and keep them warm, safe, dry, and comfy around the house. Cook your favourite meal, entertain guests, or read a captivating novel while staying comfy in one of our superb models. These remarkable boot slippers are lightweight, super cool, easy to wear, and are made from the finest fabrics and top-quality materials.