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Browse through House of Slippers men's Nordikas slippers collection that come in various colours and styles such as mulesVelcrofull slippers and leather slippersAll our Nordikas slippers are designed with premium suede and leather uppers that provide your feet with a homely cosy slipper.

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Nordikas Slippers | Men's Slippers | Mules, Velcro, Full Slippers & Leather Slippers

Browse through House of Slippers men's Nordikas slippers collection. We have various styles and colours such as mules, Velcro, full slippers and leather slippers for you to find the perfect slipper for you. Nordikas are famous worldwide for their stylish yet comfortable homely slippers made with premium leathers and suede uppers which add a slice of class to your evenings. Their wide range of "house shoes" are all made in the Spanish footwear manufacturing heartland of Elche. 

Nordikas was formed in 1983 by Spanish footwear professionals Gregorio Tomás and Gonzalo Juárez from the city of Elche. They began manufacturing house shoes or commonly known as slippers. Their innovative designs and ideas produced a perfect homely, comfortable and stylish slippers perfect to slip your feet into after a long day.

Our most popular slipper is the Nordikas 131 OHIO Mens Mule Slippers Bordeaux. Place your feet in a world of endless comfort with these Nordikas mule leather slippers made with a smooth leather upper and textile lining. Not to mention the anti-shock cushioning insole that makes every step you take feel like you are walking on a sea of pillows. The comfort never ends with these easy to slip on mules which are perfect to wear while you lounge around the house.

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