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There is nothing more relaxing and comforting than the warmth and cosiness of a nice pair of slippers to slide on by the fire when you get home from a long day. At House of Slippers, we warm-heartedly offer a wide array of men styles, from classic mule slippers to top-quality moccasins

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Slippers became an essential part of fashion during the 19th century and then slowly crept their way into every culture around the world. In the Ottoman Empire, the slippers were a symbol of captivity, while in Japan there were a tradition. In the mid-16th century, the European dandies started wearing leather, silk and velvet slippers that go with their outfits in order to demonstrate their wealth, reputation and sophistication. Today, slippers are a trademark of comfort, warmth and relaxation. Known for their soft, warm fabrics and cosy cushioning, the slipper is an inseparable part of everyday life.

At House of Slippers, we offer the warmest and softest pairs of men slippers that come with squishy cushioning. This is where comfort meets fashion-forward designs, and superior materials meet reasonable prices. At House of Slippers, there's a slipper for every taste. Choose your favourite model from our wide range of mule slippers, moccasins, slipper boots, open-toe, wide-fit, and countless more. Whether you prefer leather, shearling, or corduroy, cosy up in one of our ultra-soft models and spend your days in pure, luxurious comfort. At House of Slippers, we stand for style, quality, and comfort, providing the ultimate care and assistance to our customers. Buy the ideal holiday gift for your family and friends, or treat yourself with one of our distinguished models, available in all sizes and colours. With us, you can get the lightest pair of slippers to keep you cool at summer and the woolliest pair to keep you warm at winter. Relax in style and shop our acclaimed designer slippers including Padders, Great British Slippers, Divaz, Mirak, Comfort Plus, Dunlop, and numerous more.