What is Memory Foam

In 1966, NASA's Ames Research Centre's task to improve the safety of aircraft cushions led to the creation of the memory foam. A polyurethane with additional chemicals, this new-found memory foam would soften in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mould to the shape of a warm body in a few minutes.


The many researches that followed showed memory foam is unique in its temperature-sensitivity and in its ability to reduce pressure points. It was soon applied in many medical purposes, stopping blood flow to areas causing gangrene or pressure points. It reduced pain and discomfort, but offered quality, softness and durability. No other comfort products provided the level of comfort that memory foam did. Nothing came close or compared to the way memory foam twisted to the shape of a body due to its ability to deform and conform. While memory foam was hard to find and insanely expensive back in the days, there are countless manufacturers throughout the world today that produce various inexpensive memory foam products. Manufactured by feeding gas into a polymer matrix, the memory foam is extensively commercialized nowadays, being included in many medical equipment like X-ray table pads, sports equipment, mattresses, pillows, blankets, as well as in footwear. 

Memory foam insoles

Memory Foam Insoles

As an advanced material, memory foam is part of many footwear's insoles, offering the wearer elasticity, protection and flexibility. It can be found in trainers, boots, sandals, as well as in slippers. Memory foam slippers protect our feet from harsh impacts, conform to the shape of the foot and allow easier movement. Keeping the feet cool and comfortable, these slippers reduce pressure points from the feet, resulting in smooth pressure distribution. These memory foam slippers offer a wide range of comfort, durability and quality. Memory foam slippers don't feel like any other footwear you've worn before, allowing your feet to sink in cosiness and stability. By evenly distributing body weight, memory foam responds to heat and pressure of the feet, returning to its initial shape once you remove your feet from the slippers. Well-recommended by doctors for people suffering from diabetes, these slippers can prevent feet ulcers and swelling. They are also beneficial to all the people suffering from injuries, pains, blisters and discomfort. Coming in different densities and depths, memory foam can enhance your movement by offering great stability and support. With these memory foam slippers you'll learn how to love walking again and it'll be the greatest walking you've ever experienced. Improving walking abilities, the memory foam slippers will relieve pain, discomfort and swelling by introducing cosiness, stability and security. Once you slip into these remedial slippers, the heat from your body will soften the memory foam thus offering great support to your entire body. Extremely helpful for young adults and people of older generations, these memory foam slippers are beneficial to everyone. 

Memory Foam Slippers At House of Slippers

On House of Slippers, you can find various models of slippers that feature memory foam insoles. From ballerina and full slippers, to mule and boot slippers, we offer a wide range of designer brands that will make your days a pure delight. These carefully designed slippers with unique features provide incomparable comfort and excellent support. Making every step smooth and painless, these orthopaedic slippers will prevent damage or changes in your feet. With a shock-absorbing sole and slip-resistant outsole, these beneficial slippers give a good grip, protection and elasticity. Offering enough space to accommodate the feet, these slippers will help you appreciate life and be happy in your own shoes. If you're looking for a warm and snug pillow-like feeling, try our comfortable and stylish ballerina slippers. Featuring a memory foam sock, wide-fitting and soft textile linings, these remedial slippers will make you feel like you're walking on clouds. The memory foam cushioning on the insole moulds to the shape of your feet and offers luxurious and comfortable movement. Style them with your favourite pair of pyjamas or laid-back outfits and walk proudly knowing that you're taking a good care of your health. With memory foam insoles, warm linings and wide-fit, House of Slippers offers you a broad collection of full slippers, available in all sizes and colours. The memory foam insoles will provide elasticity, security and stability, giving your feet the comfort they deserve. Coming in various elegant and stylish designs and patterns, these memory foam full slippers are never going to leave you stranded

Why Should I Buy Memory Foam Insoles?

If you're a fan of fine fabrics and soft materials that hug to your feet, browse our wide collection of remedial mule slippers. These casual and relaxed pairs of slippers feature memory foam insoles, wide-fitting and easy slip-on and take-off design. The orthopaedic memory foam insoles contour to the shape of your feet whilst removing pain, discomfort and swelling. De-stress and leave your worries behind by slipping these spacious and wide-fit slippers that provide breathability and comfort. Perfect after a long day at work or running errands, the memory foam mule slippers will enhance your movement abilities, offering a pain-free walk. If you want to look stylish, feel healthy and walk painlessly, shop one of our memory foam boot slippers, available in various sleek designs and patterns. The memory foam insoles will help you take each step in pure comfort and warmth. The perfect boot slipper to wear while unwinding at home, this remedial and therapeutic footwear will wrap around your feet, spreading warmth, softness and cosiness. Dreamy and delicate, our boot slippers deliver personalized comfort when you need it the most.

While memory foam was hard to get 20 years ago, these days it is available worldwide at reasonable prizes. Supportive and elastic, it offers the best combination of comfort and softness. Our memory foam slippers will be the greatest thing that has ever happened to your feet and once you slip into them, you will never ask for something different. Providing great firmness and stability to the feet, these memory foam slippers are the most beneficial and helpful footwear you'll find on the market today. Durable, affordable and valuable, the slippers will present the nicest feel and most luxurious comfort. With great ratings and reviews, our memory foam slippers offer the best value for the money spent. So if you're looking for a softer feel, less pains throughout the day and elegant look, shop your favourite memory foam slipper model today, only on House of Slippers.