About House Of Slippers

House of slippers thrives in providing ultimate comfort for your feet while having a range of brands including Nordikas, Birkenstock and Padders. We believe every person deserves and needs comfort for their feet and we aim to individually deliver this. From Nordikas anti-shock cushioned foobeds to Padders memory foam insoles, there's something for everyone. 

With a passion for slippers, we solely focus on providing the highest quality slippers we can whether it be through the material used or the comfort they provide. Some of the slippers we sell are made with the finest, breathable, genuine leather, soft textile lined or even faux fur lining providing extreme warmth and comfort for your feet.

Whether you're a fan of corduroy, leather, or shearling, here at House of Slippers we offer models that are made from the softest, warmest and most delicate materials, and the finest, smoothest and most luxurious fabrics. Here you can shop the most stylish footwear that cares and protects your feet because comfort never gets out of style. From leather slippers, novelties and moccasins, to mules, touch-fastening and boot slippers, House of Slippers offers the ideal products, at great prizes. At House of Slippers, we understand the importance of having a comfortable pair of slippers that offer easy access, comfort, and warmth. So why don't you slip into one of our various models of boot slippers, available in various designs and styles? Or try resting your feet in style and shop our wide range of contemporary leather slippers that come with durability, comfort and sophistication. How about spoiling your feet into one of our super-cool, ultra-warm and uniquely designed moccasin slippers that offer better fit, cosy feeling and cushioning comfort? Maybe add a touch of fun and laughter into your life by warming your feet into the mouth of a lion. You are never too old for novelty slippers, available here at House of Slippers in various cartoon and animals designs that will most certainly put a smile on your face. 

Be the caring mom and cook the most delicious meal for the whole family while staying comfy in one of our mule slippers. Be the laid-back dad who fancies reading his favourite book while keeping his feet cosy in a warm pair of moccasin slippers. Or be the greatest parents ever to live on this planet and buy your children a unique pair of novelty slippers so they can warm up their feet into a big fluffy sandwich. For all of you who follow the most current trends, we have the most fashion-forward models that go perfect with every outfit. Apart from offering fun and colourful models of slippers, House of Slippers has a wide range of remedial, therapeutic, and orthopaedic slippers for every generation of men and women. With extra cushioning underfoot, extra support, extra wide fit, and memory foam insoles, these slippers are beneficial to every person who suffers from swelling, pains, discomfort and trouble walking. At House of Slippers you can find the most beautifully flexible and exceptionally designed slippers for people who will always be in search of something unique and comfortable to wear. For men slippers, we offer a vast selection of designer brands who produce many ultra-warm moccasins, super trendy slipper boots and therapeutic wide-fit slippers. For all the lovely ladies, we have a wide range of sophisticated moccasin slippers, touch-fastening classic mules, and countless more. Whether you prefer the classic-styled slipper or something more adventurous, House of Slippers is here to make every wish come true. 

We are guided by a relentless drive to exceed expectations in order to offer customers a relevant shopping experience. Fashion and trends change, but our commitment never will. Our goal at House of Slippers is to bring the best possible quality to every home and spoil our dear customers. Our team is passionate, motivated and committed to making House of Slippers the ultimate shopping destination. By offering an expansive selection of branded slippers, with us our customers can find the perfect model to complete their laid-back look. So make a purchase today and get free delivery and returns for orders over £20. If you don't live in the UK, but you fell in love with our super-cool slippers, worry not because House of Slippers ships to the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium and Italy.


From beautifully designed leather slippers to sophisticated moccasins, here at House of Slippers you can find thousands of styles inspired by comfort and exclusively created to please the customer. We deliver trend and comfort at a most affordable prize, to all the fashion fans, comfort lovers and laid-back individuals around the world. So browse our broad selection of exquisite models that feature fine detailing, unique textures and lovely colour palettes. By offering unique models from acclaimed designers in a full range of sizes and colours, we represent a bold, comfort-driven and a remarkable community that will never stop spoiling its customers.